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Email Backup Solutions

Make sure your business is running smoothly and your data is protected

Email Backup is must for small and medium businesses who want to protect their critical business information for email backup and restore. It is cloud-based, secure and fast with unlimited storage, search, and retention. Other advanced features include advanced search, email attachment manager and granular access and control capabilities. No matter what kind of email account you can back it up with think email backup. Whether you need IMAP mail backup, Gmail backup or to backup email from office 365.

Why Businesses Need Email Backup?

  Email data is vulnerable to hacking and hosting failure

  Business continuity in case of data breach/loss

  Fast search and retrieval of information

  Storage management & Retention of Organizational Memory

  Cost management

  Email loss due to Data Email servers’ failure, Accidental / intentional deletes and Limited Storage.

Product Features

2 step sign up

Start backing up your email in just 2 simple steps.

Automated Backup

We ensures that backing up your emails is simple and easy.

Attachment Manager

You can have access to a file manager where you can view and search files or attachments.

Secure Storage

We ensure that none other than you have access to your backup emails and mail.

Download, Restore & Migrate

You can easily restore and download your emails anytime anywhere.

View Emails Anywhere

We provide email access to your account even your email provider is down