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The tee-junction of a 12" condenser main pipe has a pin-hole leak and repair by welding proved to be futile. This repair works provided some challenges due to the concave profile at the leak location. Furthermore, since the leak occurs directly over the tee-junction, appropriate fiberglass wrapping technique should be applied to provide sufficient external pressure to contain the leak.

There should be sufficient material built-up around the concave leak location so as to provide a pressure against the leak. Seal wrap was knead and applied onto the wetted Wrap SealTM fiberglass tape. Thereafter, the Wrap SealTM fiberglass tape was applied directly over the leak location and wrapped crisscrossed around the pipe.

  • Water leaking from tee-junction

  • Pipe surface preparation

  • Applying Wrap SealTM at leak area

  • Wrap SealTM was applied to stop the leak

  • Surface Pipeline Repair

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