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Underwater Diving - Onshore & Offshore


SSESCo's main core of activity is providing Underwater Commercial Diving Services to the Marine & Offshore field since 96. We have the capability of carrying out Air diving to Saturation Diving as per clients requirements and jobs scope and we have our very own certified equipment to compliment the same.



  Marine fouling is a perennial problem for Vessels, Ports, Jetties, Rigs, Offshore Platforms, not necessarily stagnant for a brief period of time.

  The Ocean is teeming with the tiny larvae of marine organisms, that swim around until they find somewhere to settle and grow. Smooth surfaces are    particularly attractive to many of these creatures, and are quickly encrusted.

  This can slow ships creating drag force which increases fuel consumption, blocks sea chests resulting in the overheating of water cooled compressors and    generators and it speeds corrosion, resulting in faster aging of our offshore assets and vessels, all leading to vessel downtime or increased dry docking    schedules, increasing costs.


  Barnacles attach themselves to the surface by cement glands.

  If this goes un-checked, this secretion dissolves the coating and the barnacle attaches directly to the bare surface.

  When the barnacle is removed, by whatever means, the paint will be gone.  With a little practice, the stalk or foot of the barnacle can be left in place if that is    desirable between the lesser of 2 evils.

  This will leave the surface somewhat protected but will increase drag when the vessel is underway. This drag will decrease speed and increase fuel    consumption by 15 – 25 %. MGR is mandatory to be carried out on vessels to maintain operation effectiveness.

  A better alternative is to clean the surface of the vessel more frequently – before the adult barnacles develop.


  In today's market, there are a variety of underwater brush carts available, depending upon the requirement of the client.

  From light growth marine fouling to soft moss to semi or very hard barnacles often measuring to about 3 inches in cases of stagnation of the vessel for a long    time.

  The bigger brush carts clean upto a rate of 1500 m2/hr or 25 m2/min on mid sized barnacles and can operate to a max depth of 70 msw.


  The CaviBlaster is not just a "simple high pressure portable machine.

  It's a State-Of-The-Art unit which uses low pressure and high volume whereas a water jet uses high pressure and low volume, often ranging from 10,000 to    20,000 psi.

  Additionally, the cleaning is accomplished by the forces generated during implosion of the cavitations voids - not by the mass and energy of the high pressure    water jet.

  That's why the CAVIBLASTER method does not harm the diver or remove the paint.

Propeller fouling generates energy losses of up to 10% - 15% requiring additional power (fuel) to maintain the same speed. A rough rudder causing additional turbulence reduces the ves- sel's speed up to 2%.

The maintenance of propeller blades & rudder in a good condition has significant benefits for a vessel's fuel consumption, as well. Polishing the propellers offers power savings of between 10 to 15 % depending on the degree of fouling prior to polishing. This job we offer at no cost, if pro-rated with the complete hull cleaning of the vessel/structure/rig/floater/semi-submersible, using our CAVIBLASTER & PROPELLER POLISHER.

In Water Surveys

  In Water Surveys or IWS is an acceptable method of surveying the underwater parts of a Rig, vessel, other while still afloat.

  Our divers have the necessary experience for carrying out these surveys in the safest and quickest manner possible.

  The reports generated by us adhere to world class standards and are accepted by all class agencies under IACS.

Rig Inspections

  NDT Techniques find application in quality control and the assessment of deterioration of underwater appendages & structures.

  The defects and damage may include cracks or thickness gauging or even anode wastages.

  We at SEASWIFT have the necessary NDT Equipments to carry out surveys under the watchful eye of IACS Societies.

We Provide:

  Annual Surveys

  Internediate Surveys

  Special Periodical Surveys

  Continuous Surveys

  In-Line Surveys

  Dry-Docking Surveys

  Spudcans Inspections & Repairs

  Mudmat Inspections & Repairs

  RIG Relocation & Seabed Surveys

Single Buoy Mooring

We provide SBM Surveys, Inspections & Maintenance above water as listed:

  Buoy Hull                                            Deck House

  Navigational Aids                               Auto Greasing System

  Safety Equipments                             S.P.M. Product piping

  Battery Compartment                        Water Tight Compartments

  Bilges Pump                                        Mooring Facility

  Telemetry System                               G.P.S Locati

We provide SBM Surveys, Inspections & Maintenance below water as listed:

  Buoy Hull

  Cathodic Potential Measurement.

  Submarine Hose

  Measurement of Mooring Chain Angles

  Inspection of Mooring Chains

Our Maintenance Operations consists of:

  Mooring to SPM

  Laying of mooring spread

  Transfer of personnel and equipment to the buoy

  Small boat operations

  Decking of floating hoses

  Decking of mooring hawsers

  Floating hose change out &

  Gusto swivel change out

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